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We are new authors whose first book 3,000 Miles To Eternity: A True Internet Love Story was released July 14, 2015.3,000 Miles To Eternity Book lying on wooden table with long stemmed rose and cup of teaWe love the idea that 3,000 miles once brought the two of us closer and now is bringing so many new and interesting people into our lives.  Thank you for being one of them.

Duane & Selena 

DUANE AND SELENA PANNELL ‘met’ online while living in Virginia, U.S.A. and Alberta, Canada.  After a complicated long-distance relationship spanning four years, they married and have a son together.  Their first book is borne of yet another separation in their lives when Selena was in Alberta for several months in 2013 with her dying father. Duane & Selena Pannell Author Photo

Duane was going through their old correspondence because he is a “mushy man” and realized their story was inspiring and worth sharing.  After some coaxing, he convinced Selena and with a little help from Google Docs they began their collaboration on 3,000 Miles To Eternity.

They completed a three year mission in the LDS Addiction Recovery Program May 2015, where they served as group leaders and led two 12 Step meetings a week in Vernal, Utah.

 Duane is working on his next project while Selena homeschools their son, teaches archery on the side..

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3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. You saw my tweet on election night; I noticed your acknowledgement and was struck that you are a Pannell. Panell’s were in my dad’s genealogy, alongside the Bishop family, I think. Let me know if you are interested in what I have. My dad was my adoptive dad but he reared me, paid the bills, led me to the world of genealogy, and through him I received the conduit of my religious faith.


    1. Duane’s family came from VA and the Carolinas and goes back generations. Does this fit with your family? Thank you for reaching out. Family history is one of my favorite pastimes. 🙂 Selena


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