Pannell Bytes

When we first submitted our book to  Cedar Fort, Inc. the working title was Love At First Byte, at the suggestion of Duane’s mom.  After their enthusiastic acceptance, and when we signed the contract, the working title CFI chose was Love Bytes. It sounded good to us, until we did a google search. Suffice it to say, the title was already taken and would have been highly confusing  and scandalous to anyone looking for our book.  Before settling on 3,000 Miles To Eternity, Cedar Fort briefly considered 3,000 Miles To Love.  I think we dodged a sappy bullet with that one!.

In the meantime, we needed to think of a name for the website our publisher requires us to maintain.  Pannell Bytes made sense and even though there are no bytes left in the book’s title, we generate plenty in the way of articles on relationships, addiction recovery and writing.

3,000 Miles To Eternity Open book with rose in center lying on wooden table - top view

Thank you for stopping by Pannell Bytes. We welcome your comments and questions (we love questions) and hope you’ll visit again soon!

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